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GPC strives to be transparent in all its operations and decision making processes. Over the years, the club has established various bylaws, policies, and guidelines to govern and guide its operations. Most are the product of considerable discussion and compromise. This page is intended to serve as a convenient reference to them all.

The Bylaws are the most formal. They govern the overall operation of the club including how most decisions are made.

The Code of Conduct governs behavior at club meetings and in communication with the club's board and officers.

The Member Benefits Framework provides a framework for managing the Member Benefits fund.

The Forums Page, in particular sections 1, 8, and 9, states the rules for using the club's discussion forums, including the appropriate use policy.

The Rider Guidelines state what is expected of riders.

The Ebike Policy states what is expected of riders on ebikes.

The Ride Leader Guidelines state what is expected of ride leaders.

The Ride Leader Credits (RLC) policy describes the RLC system — what qualifies for credit and what does not.

The RLC Layaway Policy states how clothing may be obtained using the “RLC Layaway” plan.

The Membership Terms, Privacy Policy, Waiver and Other Agreements Page describes our membership terms and conditions, privacy policy, liability waiver and other conditions all members agree to when they join or renew membership in the club.

The Century Planning Policy states the mechanisms for planning and making decisions about the Century, including its revenues and expenses.

The Insurance Coverage for Unlisted Rides page states the policy for extending club Accident Medical Insurance coverage to certain unlisted rides.

The Donations Procedure and Guidelines state how we decide on the amounts and recipients of our annual donations program.

The policies and guidelines listed above have all been formally adopted by the club — details of how and when adopted are usually given in the Club Notes section of the respective pages.

In addition to the above we are currently drafting an Elections procedure for online or mail in voting for GPC elections. This is a work in progress and not the final procedure.