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Ballot setup and vote counting

Ballot 1: Vote for Principal Officers

  1. There is one question per officer position. A voter may respond to each question by voting for one of the available candidates, by voting “None of the above”, or by abstaining from voting. For each question, choices (except “None of the Above”) are randomized for each ballot.
  2. The election winner is the candidate who receives a plurality of the votes.

Ballot 2: Vote for additional Directors

  1. Qualifying section
    1. There is one question per director candidate. A voter may respond to each candidate question with a “Yes” or “No” vote, or they may abstain from voting.
    2. Candidates are considered "Qualifying Candidates" if
      1. they receive "Yes" or "No" votes from at least 50% of all ballots submitted and
      2. they receive a greater number of "Yes" votes than "No" votes.
    3. If there are enough Director seats for all Qualifying Candidates, those candidates are automatically election winners.
  2. Ranking section
    1. While this section is included in the ballot, it is only considered in determining election winners if there are more Qualifying Candidates than available Director seats.
    2. There is one required question in which voters must rank all candidates by order of preference. Candidates are randomized for each ballot.
    3. Using the average of all voters’ rankings (as calculated by SurveyMonkey), the N seats go to the top N Qualifying Candidates. Non-Qualifying Candidates (based on the Qualifying Section) are not considered.