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There are a few areas of our website that are only accessible to members. Some examples include creating new rides, finding contact information for other members, and viewing past editions of the Wheel Truth newsletter. This page will help you understand our login process.

Your Email is your Username

We identify your account by your email address, so for practical purposes this is your username. If you have multiple email addresses, you must use the one that is associated with your account in GPC records. The easiest way to find it is to search your email for a copy of the monthly Wheel Truth newsletter. It is sent to the address on record for your account.

You do not have a Password!

Our system does not allow you to save a password. We have several ways for you to give us your username (email) and to prove that you are the true owner of that email account, but none of them involve remembering a permanent password. One method does involve a temporary password though, as explained below.

Authentication Services

For your convenience, we have partnered with Google, LinkedIn, GitHub, and GitLab to provide authentication services. If the email address you have associated with one of those accounts matches the username (email) for your GPC account, our site can hand off the verification to your provider. This is fast and secure. Basically, you log in to one of those providers using whatever method you prefer, and they send us your verified email address. Our server never sees any passwords or your private information. We only receive your email address, which we match against our membership data.

GitHub and GitLab are nice alternatives for members who cannot or prefer not to use social media (Google, LinkedIn), but still want the convenience of using an authentication service. Just create a free account on GitHub or GitLab using your GPC email address.

Verification by Email

As an alternative to using external authentication providers, you can request that a temporary password be sent to your email address. (Hint: If it doesn't arrive, check your Spam folder). This is less convenient and less secure. If someone gains access to the code, they will be able to log on to your account. You'll need to request a new disposable password when the old one expires.


The five authentication services described above are easier and faster than the email method. If you have an account on one of them, but it doesn't match your GPC email address, you can edit your GPC address to match the one on your provider. Or you can just create a new free account on GitHub or GitLab.

If your email address is not, but your domain is hosted by Google, you can still use the Sign In with Google process.

Am I Logged In?

You can tell if you are logged in by looking at the figure in the toolbar.
 Not logged in
 Logged in

Logging Out & Public Computers

Your login persists for 3 days, even if you close your browser. If you log in from a public computer, like a library or internet cafe, please log out when you are finished. Otherwise, the next user of the public computer will have access to our private information (including yours). To log out, pull down the menu .

Login not Sticking?

Your login should persist for about 3 days (in one browser). If you find that you need to keep logging in repeatedly as you navigate from one GPC page to another, it is likely that your browser is not accepting cookies, or you have some kind of extra security extension installed that is interfering. Feel free to ask for help from the Membership Chair.

Need more Help?

Contact our Membership Chair at Membershipat grizz dot org if you have any questions that aren't answered here or if you are having any problems logging in or staying logged in.