Grizzly Peak Cyclists

Email List

Grizzly Peak Cyclists maintains an electronic mailing list which is open only to GPC members. Its purpose is to allow members to share information and exchange messages with each other. Messages may be on a variety of subjects including anything related to club business, bicycling, bicycle advocacy, or any other subject that the poster feels may be of interest to a significant number of other GPC members. For more information, including how to join the list, see our Email List page.

Wheel Truth Newsletter

Every member receives a monthly email with a link to the current edition of the Wheel Truth. Members may also elect to receive a paper copy of the Wheel Truth by mail. If for some reason you didn't receive your monthly email, you can request it be resent.

An archive of the Wheel Truth (in PDF format) from to January, 2000 through the current issue, and ride schedules (in text format) from August, 1995 to the present is available to club members. Login is required using your email address, which must match the one in your membership record.

Membership Card

Membership cards may be required to get discounts at local shops or for other purposes. If you don't have a card, get it here.

Membership Roster

You can find other members using our Member Finder tool. Login is required using your email address, which must match the one in your membership record. We no longer routinely send a complete member roster to members.

Bicycle Travel Case

Members can use the club's hard-shell bicyle travel case for a nominal fee. For information and reservations, contact the Bike Case Librarian at BikeCase at grizz dot org.

Earn or Purchase GPC Clothing

Members have the opportunity to earn club clothing or other premiums by leading 8 rides within a 12 month period. For information see Ride Leader Credits. Members may also purchase club clothing.

Strava Club

If you ride with a GPS device, or even if you ride with a GPS enabled smartphone, you may enjoy recording your rides on Strava. If you become a Strava member (even a free membership will work) and you are also a member of GPC, then you are eligible to join the GPC Strava club, where you can follow the riding activity of your fellow Grizzlies and get to know them better.

Log on to the Strava website, then go to At the top, click on the button Request to join. If your Strava username is not sufficient to determine your real name, then you must also send a message to StravaAdmin at grizz dot org giving your Strava username and your real name so we can verify your GPC membership. You will receive a notice when you have been approved. Use the same email to report any problems.

Volunteer for the Century

Members are invited to participate in the planning and execution of our annual Century. See the Century Planning Policy page to learn more about planning and see the Century Volunteer page to learn more about execution.

Accident Medical Insurance

Our club insurance provides, for members on club rides: "Accident Medical Coverage: $10,000 per person per accident excess of a $500 per claim deductible and excess of any other valid and collectible insurance." In other words (as we understand it) it will cover your medical costs over $500 from a crash on a GPC ride after your primary health coverage has paid whatever it pays, and up to $10,000. Given that an ambulance ride alone can cost over $1000 and an Emergency Room visit even more (depending on your health plan), this insurance alone may be worth the price of GPC membership. For more, see the provider's information brochure — scroll down to "Participant Accident Coverage". (Here is our cached copy of the brochure in case the provider relocates its copy.)

If you need to exercise this benefit, you and your ride leader should consult the incident reporting instructions page.

Discounts at Local Businesses

The following is a partial list of local businesses that offer discounts to GPC members. Most discounts are 10% - 15%. Policies vary about discounts on bikes and items on sale. Be sure to ask about the discount if you're unsure.

Many stores require members to show their membership cards to get their discount, so be sure to carry your GPC card with you during buying sprees. If you don't have a card, get it here.

If you can help improve this list please contact webmaster at grizz dot org