2017 Grizzly Peak Century

Grizzly Peak Century - May 7, 2017

Volunteer Opportunities

To volunteer contact the Volunteer Coordinator at VolCoord at grizz dot org

Our Century has always been wonderful, but to make it so we rely on club members to volunteer. We need to fill 250 to 275 slots to prepare all of the great food we serve and to run the Century. We also need a few people to support the Workers Century the following weekend.

Here is a list of jobs that take about 4 hours, but you can double your fun by signing up for more than one slot. For example: you might sign up to help at the Lunch Stop, but since you like baking, you will also make quick breads; or you can help all day instead of half a day. The appropriate coordinator will contact you a week or so before the century to verify times and answer questions.

If you are considering Quick Breads, our website has many of our favorite recipes.

Volunteer Opportunities Before the Century

As Needed, BeforeFlexible? You can really help if we can get back to you with your pre-Century assignment.
Caller - filledCall about 20-25 GPC members during March to recruit them as volunteers for the Century.
Food Prep - filled Volunteers are needed to cut, chop and mix on day before century. Bring sharp knives. Start at 8:00 AM to about 4:00 PM. Sign up for AM (8:00 AM to Noon) or PM (Noon to 4:00 PM).
Food Shopping - Costco - filledHelp shop at Costco on Friday before the Century. You need to be available during the day.
Quick Breads - filled30 people are needed: Each to bake 5 quick bread loaves (non-yeast, non-kneaded) and deliver them to a designated drop point. You can use a club recipe or use your own recipe. You can be reimbursed for cost of ingredients. Club recipes are at http://www.grizz.org/members/centrecp.pdf
Route Marking - filledMark the Route. Takes 4-6 hours. Done one or two weekends before the Century. Flexibility is highly desirable.
Shopping Fireside On Saturday before century, shop for perishables for the Firehouse rest stop (formerly Wayside) . It will include for arranging purchase list and food drop with rest stop coordinator.
Staging Location - filled1 person Thursday May 4th, 3 or 4 hours PM; 2-3 people Friday May 5th 3-4 hours PM. help organize & sort everything for the various sites. Light lifting, some heavy with help. Not heavy labor but the volunteers are going to be spending a physical afternoon.
Truck Loading - filledHelp organize and load the truck on Saturday, May 6th (9 am to noon or a bit later) to be ready to deliver all supplies to the rest stops and lunch.

Volunteer Opportunities Day of Century - May 7, 2017

As Needed, Day OfFlexible? You can really help by signing up here, and we'll get back to you with your Century-day assigment.
Cargo Van DrivingVan/Truck driving: Drive one of the 5 rest stop supply vans or lunch truck where they're needed and help load/unload. One volunteer needed for 15’ truck Friday, 4 for vans Saturday, 6 on Sunday with one after century only with 15' truck.
Century Chair - filledThe Century Chair will need two volunteers to be onsite at Campolindo to be the "Point of Contact" for all other Coordinators/Volunteers who have questions/concerns regarding onsite matters at Campolindo. One volunteer would work from 10am - 2pm. The other volunteer would work from 2pm - 6pm.
Clean UpMany hands make light work. Volunteers needed from 3:00 PM till finished (~8:00 PM). You can ride the century and still help out. 2 from 5-7:30 must be non-riders
Lunch Volunteers needed (~4 hr shifts) throughout the day. Activities may include truck unloading, food station set-up/take-down, food prep (veggies, fruit, chicken), and food service. Will interact with century riders. Prefer members with cheery dispositions who are able to safely wield a kitchen knife and/or serving spoon. Shifts 7:30-11:30, 9:30 – 1:30, 11-3, 12:30-4:30, 3:30-7:30
ParkingHelp direct traffic early in the morning. (Start at 6:00 AM). You can help out early and still ride the century. We need to work on getting more barriers up before 6 am for the parking lots (especially the back lot)
Registration - Island - filledCheck-in Riders who are starting from the Island, car-free start. 7am to 10:30 am
Registration Campolindo - filledWork the registration tables. Many registrars are needed at 6 AM to keep the lines short, and a smaller number of registrars are needed all day.
Rest Stop - Briones - filled(9:30 AM to 12:30 PM) or (12:00 PM to 3:30 PM)
Rest Stop - Firehouse - filled(10 AM- 2 PM) or (12 noon - 4 PM)
Rest Stop - Island - filled(6:00 AM to 11:30 AM)
Rest Stop - Port Costa(7:30 AM to 11:30 AM) or (10:30 AM to 2:30 PM)
Rest Stop - Proctor(11:30 AM to 3:30 PM) or (3:00 PM to 7:00 PM)
RestockNeed fresh volunteers to return truck, supplies etc. You can ride the century, have a massage, relax and still help out. Fresh = not ridden or worked earlier in day.
SagVolunteers needed for AM and PM (6 in AM, 4 in PM) shifts or all day. (Need a vehicle that can carry bikes and riders, and a cell phone)
Signs - McEwen - filledHelp place burma-shave signs on McEwen Hill the morning of the century. 1 volunteers needed to drive sign-maker. Signs will be numbered and placement marked.
T-Shirt Table - filledHelp hand out the prepaid T-shirts and sell extra T-shirts. AM shift, PM shift or All Day. Need 3 for AM shift 10 am -1 pm, 2 for PM, 1-4pm.

After the Century

Un-staging Need 4 volunteers on Monday am, May 8 to unload truck to storage in Oakland
Workers Post Century EvenThe Workers Century Picnic is held the Saturday after the Century, May 13th 2-3 Volunteers are needed early morning to check-in riders and serve food (6:30-8:30), 1-2 people to help lead ride (7am -12pm), 3 people to manage food/cleanup for picnic (10:30-2) 2-10-17 - Alan Forkosh looking into reserving Island Picnic area for possible event.

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