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The Grizzly Peak Century is the club's largest annual event by far. It requires significant volunteer effort and significant financial expense to be successful. It is intended to produce revenue in excess of expense in order to support other club activities.


The club has goals for the Century. These include:

  1. To provide an interesting and challenging cycling event for the cycling community.
  2. To maintain and enhance the reputation of the club by having excellent food and support for the participants.
  3. To provide enjoyable opportunities for the club's membership to participate in providing the food and support.
  4. To enable the club, through its annual donations program, to support the cycling community, to support cycling related organizations, and to maintain and enhance its reputation.


In order to help ensure that the Century meets these goals, the club has adopted the following policies.

  1. Planning and decision making regarding the Century is vested in an appointed Century Chair who chairs and operates with the advice and consent of a planning committee with open membership consisting of various coordinators responsible for particular functions within the Century and other club members interested in participating in the planning process.
  2. The planning committee shall meet monthly, preferably at a fixed day of week, week of month and time, in the several months preceding the Century, and shall communicate primarily via the gpc-century discussion forum in between meetings.
  3. Regular meetings of the planning committee shall be announced in the Wheel Truth together with an indication of any major items to be discussed and/or decided. Such items include things like significant changes to the routes or rest stops, changing the Century date and setting of the registration fee.
  4. In setting the registration fee, the committee shall take into account the cost of any rider premiums; past history and expected increases in recurring expenses; predictable new expenses due to changes in route, rest stops, logistics and support; and the revenue goals of the club.
  5. Final approval of major items should be at a meeting subsequent to that at which they are initially proposed except in cases of unforeseen necessity.
  6. Century donations (in contrast to expenses which have required payments) must meet the following criteria. Provided that they do, such donations will be regarded as bona fide Century expenses in the sense of the Bylaws.
    1. Century donations may only be given in appreciation or recognition of some particular service rendered to the Century.
    2. The organization(s) donated to must themselves be not-for-profit.
    3. The amount(s) must be approved by the Century Committee each year and reported to the Treasurer for payment, who in turn will report them to to the club.
  7. In the event of Century cancellation, Club reserves shall not be used to pay Century expenses, including registration refunds.

The goals (all) and policies 1-5 were adopted at the club meeting of October 2011, after an extended period for input from club members. Coverage of this is in the meeting minutes for June, July, August, September, and October 2011.

Policy 6 was adopted at the regular club meeting of November 2015 subject to possible phrasing refinements that do not change the meaning; at the regular meeting of January 2016 such refinements were referred to the Board; the Board adopted those refinements effective 2 February 2016; and the result was read at the regular meeting of March 2016. Coverage of this is in the meeting minutes for November 2015, January 2016, and March 2016.

Policy 7 was approved at the club meeting of 14 September 2022. It replaced a previous policy that required the purchase of event cancellation insurance, which would have allowed the full refund of registration fees due to cancellation for weather, wildfires, etc., even if some of the fees had already been spent. The change was made in light of the fact that such insurance could no longer be purchased.

The prior goal 4 was removed and the previous goal 5, now 4, was edited by vote of the club at it's January, 2022 meeting.