Grizzly Peak Cyclists

Clothing in Stock

GPC maintains some bike clothing in stock, available for purchase by members (only). The current inventory is shown in the table at the bottom of this page. Clothing may also be earned by redeeming (8) Ride Leader Credits. For armwarmers, socks, or caps, the premium is any combination of items up to the value of a standard short sleeve club jersey. Except where noted, all clothing is manufactured by Voler (pronounced “voe-LAY”, as in French).

The “ride leader” wind jackets are a special design, with the logo “Ride Leader,” intended to honor those who have led at least 8 rides. They are available as a ride leader premium only — not for purchase — and may be earned only once per member.

Contact our Clothing Officer Clothing at grizz dot org for details.

Wool Jerseys. GPC also stocks wool jerseys, made by Oregon Cyclewear. They can be purchased or earned as ride leader premiums. Images, pricing, and other information are on the wool jersey order form. However the available sizes, styles, and colors may be different than shown there. For more info about wool jerseys (only), contact Sherie Reineman bikedive at mac dot com.

Special Order Clothing

From time to time, we place a clothing order with our vendor, Voler. When we do, we announce it in the club newsletter, email list, and web site, so that club members may specify special items as part of the order. This is the ONLY way to obtain items such as race-fit jerseys, sleeveless jerseys, full-length-zipper jerseys, longsleeve jerseys; any kind of shorts, knickers, etc; or special sizes such as XS or XXL.

Voler Zipper Replacement

Voler will replace a broken zipper for the life of your garment. Complete details are on the Voler website.

The Designs


Voler sizing information is online, here. However, the comment on that page about free sizing exchanges applies only to to stock items purchased directly from Voler. It does not apply to special-ordered GPC bike clothing.

Note that Voler's sizes may be different from what you're used to. In other words, don't assume that Voler's size M (for example) will fit like your usual size M. For one thing, quality road bike clothing is intended to fit snugly. If you are buying items from GPC stock, our Clothing Officer will let you try on sizes as necessary. When we place a special order from Voler, we generally have a “sizing kit” on loan from them for two weeks preceding the order so that you can see what fits you best.

RLC Layaway Policy

When the club places an order for clothing, the following RLC Layaway Policy applies:

GPC members may order one clothing item using "RLC Layaway"; that is, an incomplete set of ride leader credits. You must have at least one ride in before using the layaway plan. You will receive your item after you complete the set of 8, and you have one year from the month in which we place the order. If you have not done so by then, you're expected to pay for the item instead. You may have only one outstanding RLC Layaway item, so if you currently have one from a previous order, you need to complete that set of 8 before you order any more on RLC Layaway. The GPC Clothing Officer will administer this policy and will handle any questions or interpretation needed.

This policy has been in effect for many years, and was approved in the above form at our regular club meeting of July 10, 2013.

Product Price RLCs 1FitsAll XS S M L XL 2XL 3XL
GPC SS Club Jersey - Men's $66.00 8.0 5002
GPC SS Club Jersey - Women's $66.00 8.0 16455
GPC SS Club Jersey Full Zip - Men's $66.00 8.0 211
GPC SS Race Jersey Full Zip - Men's $66.00 8.0 111
GPC SS Race Jersey Full Zip - Women's $66.00 8.0 01
GPC Windshell Vest - Men's $61.00 8.0 10100
GPC Windshell vest - Women's $61.00 8.0 01222
GPC Shorts Sola Fabric/Apex Pad - Men's $68.00 8.0 0100
GPC Shorts Sola fabric/ Elan pad -Mens $61.00 8.0 02
GPC Shorts Sola Fabric/Apex Pad - Women's $68.00 8.0 0120
GPC Club Wind jacket $69.00 8.0 22444
GPC Ride Leader Windbreaker-NFS, must be earned by leading rides $0.00 8.0 13322
GPC cycling cap $15.00 8.0 1622
GPC Socks - Individual Pair $5.00 0.0 3545
GPC Newer arm warmers $32.00 8.0 33543
Wool Jersey Short Sleeve-Forest Park $70.00 8.0 1
Wool Jersey Long Sleeve-Hawthorne $75.00 8.0 0100
  • Items with quantity 0 are currently out of stock.
  • Items with quantity blank are not available.