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Voler 2020 Jersey Design, by Mark Abrahams's team
Voler 2020 Shorts Designs, by Mark Abrahams's team

THE DESIGN. Follow this link to see detailed images of the design, including the jersey back and the longsleeve.

HOW TO SAY IT? Voler is pronounced “voe-LAY”, like the French verb.



GPC Order Period at Voler

Opens: Watch for announcement

Visit the GPC Store at Voler
  • You need to create an account at Voler. If you already have a Voler account from a previous order, you can use the same one. If you forgot your password, enter your email and request a new password.
  • Your credit card will be charged when you place your order and check out.
  • You may cancel your order at any time up to the close date (see above). After that, no cancellations.
  • Your order ships directly to you. At checkout, you will have a choice of shipping via UPS (with tracking) or USPS (without). Shipping charges will be added to your order.
  • If you have any problems with the above, tell us at Clothing at grizz dot org.


Voler’s sizes may be quite different from what you’re used to — especially if you are new to quality road bike clothing, which is intended to fit snugly. These are custom-order items and cannot be exchanged or returned. If you need to find out your Voler size, you have several options.

Option 1. Check Voler’s Sizing Charts. That page also describes Race Fit vs Club Fit.

Option 2. Order returnable items from Voler’s general store in the size(s), fit(s), and style(s) you are considering. Try them on, return them, and you will only be charged shipping. The fit for this year’s garments will be the same, but various features on this year’s garments will be updated.

Ride Leader Credits

For this order ride leaders may redeem up to two Ride Leader Premiums (2 sets of 8 Ride Leader Credits). The GPC budget allows approximately 20 RLPs to be redeemed by ride leaders in a calendar year.

  • Place your order from the Voler store and send a screenshot or preliminary receipt to clothing at grizz dot org. Don't wait — First come, first served!
    • If the cap has not been met and you have sufficient RLCs, the Clothing Officer will reply with confirmation that your order will be reimbursed.
    • Otherwise, the Clothing Officer will deny your request. You can choose to pay for your items or you can cancel your order on the Voler site any time before the store closes.
  • After the store closes, generate a final receipt from the Voler store. See detailed instructions below.
  • Send the receipt to the GPC Clothing Officer:
    • Email clothing at grizz dot org
    • Include your full name and mailing address.
  • The Clothing Officer will verify your RLPs and the Treasurer will mail you a reimbursement check.

For RLP reimbursement, here is how to get a final order receipt which shows your final cost with everything taken into account (tax, shipping, price adjustment credits, etc):

  • Go to
  • Sign in to your Voler account: Click the Sign In icon near top right.
  • Click the My Account icon which now appears near top right.
  • Click on Order History which now appears in the Your Account box, top left.
  • Find your recent order in the list which appears. Click View for the order.
  • Now your order details are showing.
  • Use your browser's Print function to print to a PDF file.
  • Save this PDF file. It is your final order statement/receipt.

There are other ways to get order statements from Voler, but some of them are a little confusing or inconsistent in the info that they show. Please use the method above.

Clothing Items – So Many Choices!

Voler offers a very wide set of bike clothing choices. Full info is available on Voler's custom-catalog site but it is spread out over many different pages. The section below gathers the most relevant info into one place. It is quite detailed — but even so it does not cover everything.

JERSEY CUTS. Voler offers two different cuts of jersey: club-fit and race-fit. Race-fit is more snug, particularly around the belly and waist. Race-fit is also shorter in the back for any given size; it is actually a little shorter in back than the one size smaller club-fit. (“Which ensures that artwork on the rear panel of the shorts will be visible”, according to their website.) For example, size L race-fit is a little shorter in back than size M club-fit. The women's Peloton jersey is available in three cuts: Club-fit, Race-fit, and No-Elastic (described as “More forgiving fit with no elastic in the waist hem or sleeve cuffs.”)

JERSEY FABRICS. The shortsleeve Peloton jersey uses “Genesis” fabric — good for mild weather. The longsleeve Peloton jersey is available in a choice of two different fabrics: Genesis and also “Geotherm” which is thicker and probably better if you seek an outer layer for cooler weather. The Pro jersey, which is also available as both shortsleeve Pro and longsleeve Pro, uses different fabrics still; the longsleeve Pro also offers an option of Geotherm fabric. Further explanation of Peloton vs. Pro is below.

JERSEY ZIPPERS. The Peloton and Pro jerseys both have a full length zipper. The zippers are right-handed (some bike apparel manufacturers use left-handed zippers instead).

ARMWARMERS, ARMCOOLERS, (Arm Protectors). Armwarmers you already know — perfect for layering; wear them on cool mornings and as the day heats up, remove them easily without even pausing your pedal stroke. Voler also offers SolSkin UV arm protectors, often known as “armcoolers,” with our custom GPC design. They are similar to armwarmers — but whereas the armwarmers use Yukon Fleece fabric intended for cold weather, the armcoolers use Spectrum fabric which is intended for use in sunny warm weather. It is lightweight, UV protective (rated SPF 50+), and highly wicking for evaporative cooling. It is possible that, due to the different fabric, the fit (or stretch) may seem a little different than the armwarmers. In the on-line ordering system they show up as a separate fabric choice under regular armwarmers.

SLEEVELESS JERSEYS. Sleveless jerseys (men's and women's) are available in Peloton only. Only one fit is available: it is about half-way between race-fit and club-fit.

WIND SHELL VESTS AND JACKETS. These are full-zipper shells. The fronts are a solid weave wind-blocking fabric. The side panels and rear are a more breathable fabric. Vest and jackets both have 3 rear pockets. (Voler's wind vests have had rear pockets for many years. Rear pockets on the jackets are a recent addition.)

THERMAL VESTS AND JACKETS. These use a very warm fabric called Denali LT. These garments are far thicker and more windproof than the jerseys, wind vests, or wind jackets.

‘PELOTON’ VS ‘PRO’ VERSION. For jerseys and shorts you have a choice of the Peloton or the Pro version. Pro costs somewhat more than Peloton. The Peloton jersey has regular seams, three rear pockets, and a standard double-layer foldover arm cuff. The Pro jersey has flat seams, a single-layer arm cuff, a fourth rear pocket which is zippered (on the shortsleeve only), and lighter weight fabric called “Nova”. Both have reflective striping across the back pocket. Peloton shorts have regular seams and Triton non-compression fabric. The Pro shorts have flat seams and Lux compression fabric. Some people prefer compression fabric, but others find it uncomfortable. (The hyperlinks given in this paragraph are for shortsleeve jerseys and regular shorts. Both Peloton and Pro lines also have longsleeve jersys and bib shorts. So many choices!)

REFLECTIVITY. Voler jerseys, vests, and jackets – including thermal vests and jackets – have reflective features on the back for visibility at night. For the vests, jackets, and jersey it is a full-width reflective binding sewn across the tops of the rear pockets.

CHAMOIS PADS. Several different chamois pads are available for the bike shorts and knickers. All are high-quality multi-layer (“three-dimensional”) sculpted pads. All are available in men's and women's versions.

  • Elan (black) — the standard pad.
  • Orion (green) — $8 upcharge. Higher density foam. Unlike the Elan and Comp HP, the layering is on the underside of the pad, so the side that contacts you appears to be nearly flat. For the men's, it is about the same size as the men's Elan. For the women's, no dimensions are given on the website.
  • Comp HP (red-orange) — $10 upcharge. Higher density foam. For men's, it is about the same size as the men's Elan, except for the “wings” at the top of the legs, which are wider than on the Elan. For women's, the Comp HP is noticeably larger (bulkier) than the women's Elan. The Comp HP's foam seems to be a little bit denser still than the Orion's.

Voler's info on their different pads is on their website.

WOMEN'S SHORTS. Women's shorts – both Peloton and Pro– now use a yoga style waistband without any elastic.

YUKON KNICKERS FABRIC. Voler offers a thermal fabric for knickers, called Yukon Thermal Fleece. It is warm and fleecy. Knickers are available only in Pro and only in Yukon fabric.

WOMEN'S OUTERWEAR; WOMEN'S KNICKERS. Voler offers women's cut in nearly everything.

EVEN MORE CHOICES. Voler's custom-catalog site shows additional items, many of them not on the GPC storefront, such as: triathlon and multisport wear, mtb and off-road jerseys and shorts, base layers and undergarments, rainwear, longsleeve thermal jackets, skinsuits, bib knickers, kneewarmers, cycling caps, and neck gaiters. If you want to order anything not shown on the storefront, contact the clothing director.

QUESTIONS? CORRECTIONS? If you have questions not answered here, contact the clothing director at Clothing at grizz dot org. There are many details above; we tried to get them all correct. However, if you discover any errors, please inform us.