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  • Basically same as the shortsleeve design, plus the new graphics on the long sleeves below the shoulders.
  • The vertical writing “Grizzly Peak” on the left sleeve is the same as on left sleeve of the Ride Leader jacket.
  • The quad-bear-prints motif on the sleeves matches that on the rear panel of the shorts.
  • The flower triad on the sleeves matches that on the front of the jersey.
  • In low light conditions such as early morning, twilight, winter, or fog, you will be even more visible than with a GPC short sleeve jersey alone!
  • The armwarmers design is same as for the sleeves, without the shoulder portion. In other words, the 2010 armwarmers design consists of the new sleeve graphics (only). It is different from the 2007 armwarmers design.
  • So, armwarmers + shortsleeve jersey will look very similar to longsleeve jersey.
  • In GPC, we ride year ’round! Black spots of gunk thrown up when you ride through puddles in the winter will be (somewhat) camouflaged.




These are the sleeve patterns, as printed on flat fabric, before it is sewn into a three-dimensional sleeve. The different outlines are for different sizes; women's XS up through men's 3XL.