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Jakroo Jersey (front) by Evan Naylor
Jakroo Jersey (rear) by Evan Naylor

Next Grizzly Store Period

Opens: Watch for announcement

Visit the Grizzly Store at Jakroo


  • You must open your own account with Jakroo, which includes your address and payment information.
  • Order your clothing directly on the Jakroo website (Grizzly store).
  • You may cancel or modify your order until the store closes.
  • Clothing prices drop as club orders increase.
  • Your credit card won't be charged until the store closes.
  • Your order ships directly to you.
  • You directly exchange items with Jakroo.

Pricing Details

Jakroo correlates, and lowers, the cost for each garment according to the volume of sales. There are 6 pricing tiers. The first tier is the most expensive (individual) and the sixth the cheapest (orders of 100+). We start at tier 2, 20% off (associated with orders of 2-5 garments).

Jakroo aggregates all members' orders to calculate the volume of sales and the pricing tier. That's why we have a store with a 2-week sale. In those 2 weeks, members individually make orders. As the orders accumulate, the price of those orders automatically decreases. Members can visit the store at any time to check how many club orders exist, what the current pricing is, and how many more orders are required to trigger a further price reduction.

The pricing is fluid because members may add and decrease their orders at any time before the store closes. Members whose purchases are contingent on a particular pricing tier should check the store just before it closes and make the appropriate changes. Once the store closes, prices are locked and no cancellations are allowed.

Members can always order at tier 1 prices or wait for the store to reopen. GPC intends to open the store quarterly.

Ride Leader Credits

Due to budget concerns, you may redeem up to two Ride Leader Premiums (2 sets of 8 Ride Leader Credits) for this order, but no more. Further, the total expenditure for RLC redemptions is capped at $2360, which should allow for about 20 items to be purchased.

  • Place your order from the Jakroo store and send a screenshot to clothing at grizz dot org. Don't wait - first come, first served!
    • If the cap has not been met and you have sufficient RLCs, the Clothing Director will reply with confirmation that your order will be reimbursed.
    • Otherwise, the Clothing Director will deny your request. You can choose to pay for your items or you can cancel your order on the Jakroo site anytime before the store closes.
  • After the store closes, generate a receipt from the Jakroo store.
  • Send the receipt to the GPC Clothing Director:
    • Email clothing at grizz dot org
    • Include your full name and mailing address
    • The Clothing Director will verify your reimbursement and the Treasurer will mail you a check.


Jakroo fit and sizing charts

There are no refunds under any circumstances. We strongly recommend that you request an official sizing recommendation from Jakroo for every garment you order. That's the only way to receive a 100% free exchange.

Request a guaranteed size recommendation

If you don't request an official sizing recommendation, you may exchange the ill-fitting garment for a new size at 50% off. You pay the entire price of the initial garment plus 50% of the replacement garment.

Sizing Kit

Jakroo has generic sample garments for you to try at their brick-and-mortar store. This allows you to test their sizing and patterns (but not the colors or designs of our club kit). They are open M-F 9am-5pm most days but call ahead to make an appointment with Will. Or email Will at will at jakroousa dot com.

5906 Stoneridge Mall Road
Pleasanton, CA 94588
(800) 485-7067 x107 or x105


If you have any questions feel free to email the GPC Clothing Director, at clothing at grizz dot org, or use the Jakroo help link shown on the ordering page.