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The club has adopted this framework for its Member Benefits fund.

The Member Benefits fund arose out of a desire to spend some of our club’s money on activities that directly benefit our members. The objective of the fund is to support benefits that promote active membership in our club.

Member Benefits funds can be used on bicycling-related items including, but not limited to, workshops, trips, socials, and purchases. For events, Member Benefits can be scheduled on any day except: days of Ride Series rides (e.g. Century Prep, Novice); the weekend of the ASSR (unless in conjunction with the ASSR); the weekend of the Century; or the weekend of the Workers Century. The Member Benefits Committee is encouraged to work with the Ride Coordinator when picking a date for an event. The funds cannot be used on non-members.

This Member Benefits fund is managed by the Member Benefits Committee. Club approval (vote) is required for all Member Benefit expenses. At club business meetings, the Member Benefits Committee should present event details (e.g. who, what, when, where), including an educated cost estimate. Events are presented to and voted on by the club. Events may be voted on one-by-one throughout the year or else in groups.

In January, the Board votes on how much money is to be retained for the Member Benefits fund for the calendar year. As soon as the money is approved, it is available to be used. Funds not used by December 31 of that same year do not roll over.

The Board can add to the budget or subtract from the unspent part of the budget at any time. Changes might be warranted to improve events or to reduce spending if financially necessary.

This is a living document; suggested changes are welcome. Please send your ideas to the board.

This Member Benefits Framework was adopted at the club meeting of February 2020 after preliminary discussions at prior meetings. Minor wording clarifications (no changes in meaning) were made by the Board shortly after the meeting, as authorized by the club vote. A copy is printed in the March 2020 issue of Wheel Truth.