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The club's insurance policy provides a certain amount of Accident Medical Coverage to club members when they are on club rides. For this purpose, a “club ride” is one which is conducted and supervised by the club and for which no fee is charged. The purpose of this policy is to allow certain rides, beyond those that appear in our newsletter and web site ride listings, to qualify for coverage.


  1. Any club member may inform the Ride Coordinator (and, optionally, the Board) of plans to lead an impromptu ride or an unlisted scouting ride in order to request that it be considered a club ride for purposes of insurance coverage. In this context, “impromptu ride” is one that is announced on the gpc-talk maillist but not on the club website; “unlisted scouting ride” is one that is not generally announced and is intended to allow prospective ride leader(s) to become familiar with a route before leading a listed club ride on it.
  2. Send the request via email and with a reasonable lead time for review. Include a short description. For an unlisted scouting ride, also include a short explanation of why it is appropriate. To qualify for insurance coverage, approval is required; approval may be given by the Ride Coordinator or any Board member. (Board members may approve their own rides — but the email is still needed, for record keeping.)
  3. If no one else approves the request, the Ride Coordinator may deny it for an appropriate reason. If denied, the reason will be given in writing.
  4. The leader performs the usual ride start sign-in on the club's standard form and holds onto the form for insurance purposes in case of a crash.
  5. No RLC is given for rides handled as described above.

An initial version of this policy was adopted at the regular club meeting of April 2018. It was revised at the meeting of May 2018. The final wording was reviewed and approved by the Board in the days following the meeting.