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Grizzly Peak Cyclists Welcomes Ebikes

As ebikes have recently become more affordable and prevalent, ebike riders have asked to join bicycle clubs’ rides. This has required bike clubs like GPC to develop a position.

Unanimously, board members agree that ebikes are welcome in GPC. The board understands that ebikes open more opportunities for cycling, and that’s a good thing. If you have been considering getting an ebike so that you can do more cycling, we encourage you to do it, and we hope to see you on a club ride soon.

This policy outlines the use of ebikes on GPC rides, and the board will revisit the policy in March 2022--or sooner, if the need arises.

Ebikes on Club Rides

All riders (ebike or non-ebike) are responsible for knowing our guidelines and obeying our policy and the law.

Riders may ride Class 1 and Class 3 ebikes (as defined by CVC 312.5) on all club rides. However, on M-, MB-, and B-pace rides, which are our fastest paces, leaders may opt to exclude ebikes. Any M-, MB-, or B-pace ride that excludes ebikes must say so in the ride description; otherwise, ebikes are welcome. Ebikes are always allowed on ASSR, Century Prep, and Novice rides, in addition to rides at our lower paces: XL, L, LT, T, and TM.

Ebike riders are expected to follow our guidelines that apply to all our riders. Like all riders, they are also expected to be self-sufficient, which includes ensuring they have enough battery for the ride. Rides may involve paths or trails on which ebikes or certain classes of ebikes are not allowed, and this might not be mentioned in the ride description, route, or cue sheet.

This policy was adopted at the September 8, 2021 club meeting.