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GPC ride leaders may submit rides online for review and approval by the Ride Coordinator. Ride leaders must be current members and must log in using the email address that is associated with their GPC membership. Click the Ride Listing Tool button above to start the process.

Whether to use the online tool is your choice. If you prefer, you can instead email your proposed ride to RideCoordinator at grizz dot org. The online method reduces errors and allows you to view and edit your ride, post preliminary or "placeholder" rides, post updates and cancellations, and more.

Login Details

  • Your "username" is the email address associated with your GPC membership. The login page gives you several methods to prove you are the actual owner of the email address.
  • For your convenience, we have partnered with Google, Facebook, GitHub, and GitLab to provide authentication services. If the email address associated with one of those accounts matches the email address associated with your GPC account, our site can hand off the verification to your provider. This is fast and secure. Our site does not see your password or any of your private information. We only receive your email address, which we match against our membership data.
  • GitHub and GitLab authentication is provided mainly as an alternative for members who cannot or prefer not to use the Google and Facebook methods, but still want to avoid the inconvenience of the email method described below. Just create a free account on GitHub or GitLab using your GPC email address.
  • As an alternative to using external authentication providers, you can request that a temporary password be sent to your email address. It will work on our site (only in combination with your email address) for about 48 hours. This is less secure and less convenient, but works for everyone. You'll need to request a new temporary password when the old one expires. Our site does not allow you to create, change, or save passwords.

Using the Form

  • If you want to search for a previous ride and copy it as a starting point for your ride, see our step-by-step instructions.
  • The form contains many fields, but only a few of them are mandatory.
  • Many of the fields provide help. Hover your mouse over the information button next to the field description.
  • Wherever possible, try to use the individual fields rather than putting more information in the description. This leads to a more uniform appearance of rides and takes advantage of other built-in features. Don't repeat information in the description that is aleady entered in other fields.
  • The description field uses a WYSIWYG html editor, so you can add some minor formatting. It allows only a few html tags, including those that are in the toolbar. Other tags you enter manually may be stripped out.

Timing and Editing

The schedule for submitting, editing and updating rides is related to the publication schedule of the Wheel Truth newsletter. See the timing page for a complete explanation and more details. Here are a few more things to keep in mind:

  • After you submit your ride, a skeleton version of it will appear in the online ride schedule. The full listing will display after it is approved by the Ride Coordinator.
  • You can delete or edit your ride after submitting it, up to a point, as described on the timing page.
  • You can allow other members to edit your ride if you wish. Otherwise, only you and the Ride Coordinator can delete or edit your ride.
  • Even if you cannot edit your ride, you can always post Status Updates. In particular, you can use this mechanism to announce weather cancellations or important information that was not in the original listing.

Repeating Rides

There are a few more things to know about working with repeating rides.


You can optionally enable pre-registration for your ride.