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Some of our rides repeat weekly or monthly, but have different routes and/or leaders for each occurrence. These cannot be configured as repeating rides because the ride listing information is different each time. Remember that repeating rides are only stored once and cannot be edited after the first occurrence.

If it is simply the leaders that change then you can create a single ride and use the Copy feature (steps 3 and 4) to create future identical rides. Edit the future rides to change leaders as needed, being mindful of the restrictions on timing.

If the details of the ride (route, start location, etc) change, then you can create a placeholder ride with a generic description, omitting the route and details. Use the Copy feature (steps 3 and 4) to create future identical placeholders. When the details of a future ride are available, consider using the Replace feature to populate the ride details.


The Replace feature is very similar to the Copy feature, except it does not create a new ride in the schedule. Rather, it replaces some of the details of a ride being edited with those from another. Specifically, it replaces the Title, Route, Start Location, Rating, and Description. It does not change the dates or times or pre-registration of the ride being edited.

First find the ride you want to copy

  1. Start the Ride Listing Tool.
  2. Click on the Search button in the toolbar.
  3. Enter search criteria and browse through the results until you find the ride you want to use.
  4. On the ride detail page, take note of the rideID number displayed in the upper right corner of the page.

Then edit the placeholder ride

  1. Still in the Ride Listing Tool click on My Rides.
  2. Click on the Edit Ride button next to the placeholder ride.
  3. Click on the Replace button at the top right corner of the edit page.
  4. Put the rideID noted above in the field and click Replace.
  5. Review the information on the edit page. If it is correct, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.