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Ride leaders have the option of enabling pre-registration for their rides. If a leader chooses to enable pre-registration then a link to pre-register will appear in the online ride listing. The advantages of pre-registration include legibility of phone numbers carried on the ride (safety issue), information regarding quantity of cue sheets to print, indication of necessity for a co-leader, and a faster sign-in process.

For Riders

  • Members simply follow the link in the online ride listing to pre-register for a ride.
  • Members may register guests and other riders in addition to themselves, but non-members cannot access the registration page.
  • Pre-registration, if enabled for a ride, is not mandatory. Riders can always sign up at the ride start.
  • Pre-registered riders must still add their signature to the sign-in sheet at the ride start.
  • There is no harm in registering for a ride and then failing to show up for it. Without your signature on the sign-in sheet, you will not be counted as a participant for the ride.
  • You can remove your registration (if the leader has not already closed pre-registration) by following the same pre-registration link.

For Leaders

  • Leaders access the pre-registration option through the Ride Listing Tool.
  • By default, pre-registration is disabled for newly created rides. If you want to use pre-registration, you must enable it.
  • It is best to enable pre-registration when you create the ride, but you can do it anytime prior to the ride. Allow enough time for members to register.
  • Sometime prior to the ride (probably the night before) you must go back to the Ride Listing Tool, close the registration, and print a sign-in sheet. The sheet will have all of the information for the riders as well as the ride details filled in.
  • Take the pre-filled sign-in sheet to the ride start. Riders must add their signatures next to their names in order to be counted.