Grizzly Peak Cyclists

1. Introduction and Purpose

Grizzly Peak Cyclists maintains an electronic mailing list which is open only to GPC members. Its name is GPC-talk at grizz dot org. Its purpose is to allow members to share information and exchange messages with each other. Messages may be on a variety of subjects including anything related to club business, bicycling, bicycle advocacy, or any other subject that the poster feels may be of interest to a significant number of other GPC members.

Please consider carefully the last part of the preceding sentence. It is intended to encourage communication, but it is not intended to be license to post anything. If your post is not likely to be of interest to a significantly larger percentage of GPC members than of other groups such as computer users or the general public, then it probably should not be on this list.

As of December 2014, about 370 people (approximately 60% of the club members) are subscribed to the list.

The club also maintains other email lists for various purposes.

2. Digest Version

On busy days a dozen or more messages may be sent to the list. A daily digest version is available for people who wish to receive fewer mail messages. If you subscribe to the digest, then instead of receiving individual messages throughout the day as other members post them, you will receive a single message each morning which contains the previous day's postings. There is also an option to have your digest sent with the individual messages as attachments. If your e-mail client supports attachments, we suggest you set the "Get MIME or Plain Text Digests?" option to "MIME".

3. Contact Information

Subscribing. If you are a GPC member and wish to subscribe to the list, send a subscription request with your name and email address to ListManager at grizz dot org. After the list manager verifies your membership in the club, the list server will send you a confirmation request. After you respond to that, you will be subscribed.

Posting. Once you are subscribed, you can post to the list by sending an e-mail from your subscribed address to GPC-talk at grizz dot org.


  • To unsubscribe, you can send a blank message to GPC-talk-unsubscribe at grizz dot org. You can also unsubscribe via the web.
  • You can make changes to your subscription settings either via e-mail or a web browser. You can change things such as whether you receive digests or individual messages, the format of the digest, your subscribed e-mail address, delivery mode (on or off) and other settings.
  • To get a list of things you can do via e-mail, send a blank e-mail with subject "help" to GPC-talk-request at grizz dot org.
  • You can also view and/or change options or unsubscribe via the web.
    Note that in order to change any options via e-mail or the web, you will need your list password which was mailed to you with your subscription confirmation. If you have lost your password, you may request it be sent to you via either the e-mail or web interface.
  • See Section 7 for more information about "delivery off" mode.
  • See the GNU Mailman - List Member Manual for more information about all of these things.

Problems. If you have problems with any of the above, or with receiving messages from the list, or with posting messages to it, contact the list manager at ListManager at grizz dot org.

Abuse. If you believe that the email list has been used inappropriately, do not post that view to the list. Instead, send a message to ListAbuse at grizz dot org. This mail is routed to the list manager and to certain other club officers.

4. Archives

Messages posted to the list can also be viewed in the list archive. The archive is accessible only by list subscribers for privacy reasons. Thus, you need your list password - see Changing in section 3 above - to access archived messages.

Be aware that messages you post may be archived somewhere in perpetuity -- be cautious about posting language or opinions you wouldn't want your children or grandchildren to trace back to you!

5. Appropriate Use

The list is unmoderated, which means that in individual-message mode there is no a priori censorship of messages for content. It also means that opinions posted on the list may occasionally be distasteful to some. That being said:

(a) Postings to the email list should not be deliberately offensive or inflammatory, nor violate GPC's principles of nondiscrimination and nonharassment as set forth in Article XV of the GPC Bylaws, which states: "The Grizzly Peak Cyclists prohibits discrimination and harassment on the basis of of race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, citizenship, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, or age (over 18) in its functions and activities."

(b) Postings should not include:

  • long excerpts or quotations from previous postings (quoting a few relevant sentences is ok); nor
  • long verbatim extracts of material available elsewhere on the web (instead, post a short summary and the web address so that interested people may read it); nor
  • non-plain text attachments of any length (instead, post instructions on how to access the item in question). Attachments other than plain text will be automatically removed from posted messages.

Guidelines (b) make for a much shorter, easier-to-read digest.

(c) Postings should not include copyrighted material or the contents of off-list email without permission from the copyright holder or author.

6. Procedure in Case of Inappropriate Use

The decision on whether a post is inappropriate may be made by either the list manager or by a majority of the club's board of directors. If either the list manager or a majority of the board believes that a posting is sufficiently inappropriate, the list manager will contact the poster, inform him or her of the reasons, and warn him or her to refrain from making further such postings. The list manager may also suppress individual messages that he or she considers inappropriate from either the digest or archive versions of the list.

If you believe a posting, or series of postings, to be sufficiently inappropriate to require action, you may make your view known to the list manager and the board by mailing to ListAbuse at grizz dot org -- see above.

If a poster continues to make postings that are deemed inappropriate after being formally warned by the list manager, then he or she will be removed from the mailing list for a period of three months.

If, after being reinstated on the mailing list, a poster persists in posting inappropriate messages, the list manager will remove him or her from the list permanently.

In the event that a member disagrees with a decision by the list manager regarding the appropriateness of one or more postings to the list, the member may appeal to the board of directors (e-mail Board at grizz dot org. The board will vote on the case and may override the list manager by majority vote.

7. More List Features

Turning off delivery. When you go out of town, it is considerate to avoid sending auto-reply (vacation responder) messages to the entire list (e.g., "I'm out of town; I'll reply when I return"). To avoid auto-reply, you can temporarily change to "delivery off" mode. While in "delivery off" mode, you will not receive messages (either digest or individual mode), but you can still post messages to the list. Later, you can log in and change your delivery method again. When you do, you won't have to go through the verification of membership step.

If you are using Gmail, then this is not necessary. Gmail's vacation responder will not reply to messages from a list that you are subscribed to.

Filtering. Several filters are automatically applied to all posts. These may result in your post being rejected or held for approval. No filtering is done based on style or content of a post. Posts are only filtered based on the following technical criteria:

  • All non-plain text parts and attachments are removed from all posts. If this results in an empty post, that post is rejected.
  • In particular: if a post consists only of HTML, with no plain-text part, an attempt will be made to convert it to plain text, but if that fails, it will be rejected.
  • Posts over 10KB in size (after removal of non-plain-text parts) are held for approval.
  • Posts with 10* or more addressees in To: or Cc: combined and posts which don't address the list explicitly in To: or Cc: are held for approval. This is intended to provide a degree of protection against spam and e-mail worms. But also note that some people are offended by having their address revealed in the To: or Cc: of a post to a large list.
    * This number is subject to change as circumstances warrant.

The policies described above (mainly in sections 1, 4, 5, and 6) were approved in general concept by the club at its regular business meeting on 17 October 2001 and were formally approved in their current form by the Board of Directors on 6 November 2001. The information items (mainly in sections 2, 3, and 7) did not require formal approval.