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UPDATE: A longer version of this route was previously shown here. It has been shortened a bit to avoid Chabot trails that have been closed due to extensive damage from winter storms.


The gravel course has roughly 4,600 feet of climbing in 42 miles. The route starts with a south loop through Redwood Park to the Sunrise rest stop at the top of Redwood Road. It continues north through Redwood and Tilden parks through Wildcat Canyon to a second rest stop at Island Picnic Area. Both rest stops are shared with the road courses. Finally, relatively easy riding on Moraga Way takes you back to the start for the post-ride meal.

Alternative Car-Free Start

The alternative start in Tilden Park is not available for this route. You must sign in at St Mary's College.

Tricky Bits

  • At mile 3.1 turn left onto Pinehurst Road. Some other routes go right here, so be careful not to follow them.
  • Be careful leaving the rest stops. Your course is different than all the road courses, so don't follow them.


Below is a tentative map. You will receive a final map at registration. Note that you can click on View Full Version to see more details or Send to Device to export files suitable for your GPS device.

Cue Sheet

Coming Soon.