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The 50 mile course has about 4,200 feet of climbing. It is the heart of the 75 mile course but skips the northern portion. It offers plenty of climbing and great views. From the start at St Mary's College it climbs the east side of the Oakland-Berkeley hills via Pinehurst Road, then follows the ridge up and over Grizzly Peak and into Tilden Park to the rest stop at Island Picnic Area. It then drops down Wildcat and goes around the 3-bears loop with a rest stop at Briones Regional Park. Finally, relatively easy riding on Moraga Way takes you back to the start for the post-ride meal.

Alternative Car-Free Start

If you use our car-free start at Island Picnic Area, just join the regular route and you will eventually get to St Mary's College where the barbeque takes place. Enjoy your meal, then ride the 18 miles back past Island (which will be long since closed), or deviate from the course at whatever point is best for your return trip home. Use the directions on the start of the cue sheet if you need help.

Tricky Bits

  • At mile 3.1 turn right onto Pinehurst Road. The 100 mile route goes left here, so be careful not to follow them.
  • At mile 30.1 turn right onto Alhambra Valley Road. Other routes goes left here, so be careful not to follow them.
  • At mile 36.9 turn left into Briones Park to go to the rest stop. It is on a fast descent, so easy to miss.

Don't Start Too Early

For our 50 mile route, please do not start too early. The route is designed for people who ride 12 mph average or less and want to enjoy the scenery. If you start before 8:00 am, or hammer the route, you will arrive at our Briones rest stop before its opening 10:45 AM, and possibly at lunch before its opening at noon. Slow down, be safe, and enjoy the ride!


Below is a tentative map. You will receive a final map at registration. Note that you can click on View Full Version to see more details or Send to Device to export files suitable for your GPS device.

Cue Sheet

Coming Soon.