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January through April 2021 Amendments

April Update: At our regular meeting on 14 April we ammended Article VII Section 3 to clarify when a vacancy on the Board od Directors occurs and to define a procedure for filling vacancies.

March Update: At our regular meeting on 10 March, we voted to delete Article VII Section 4 Qualifications of Directors. A second proposal amended Article VI Section 1 Annual and Mid-Term Elections to eliminate references to vacancy (which will be addressed in a future revision to Article VII Section 3 Vacancies); Article VI Section 3 Election to Office amended to require the treasurer and secretary serve as directors; and Article VI Section 4 Term of Office amended to include the entirety of Section 4 (b) which limits directors to hold office no more than four consecutive terms (years).

February update: At our regular monthly meeting on 10 February, we adopted two amendments. One is the inclusion of the entire "Section 5 Electronic Voting — Annual Election" in Article VI. The other includes the preparation of an annual budget in the duties of the Treasurer, the submission of the budget to the membership for approval, and authorizes the board to approve expenditures existing in the approved budget without a subsequent membership vote.

January update: At our regular monthly meeting on 13 January, we adopted amendments primarily to allow videoconferencing for our business meetings and also included many typographical changes throughout using lower case for consistent usage and minor language edits to simplify the text without changing its meaning.

July 2009 Amendments

In July 2009 we adopted amendments regarding the size of the Board of Directors. Formerly that size was set at size 7. The main part of the amended text reads: "The board of directors shall consist of at least seven (7) and at most ten (10) members. The number of directors for each year shall be established by vote at the annual election meeting prior to voting for Additional Directors (Article VI Section 3). When voting on the number of directors, members shall consider, but not be bound by, the number of qualified nominees for Additional Director."

June 2009 Amendments

In June 2009 we adopted amendments which have the following effects. (1) Different types of membership (for example, paperless and regular) may be created within each class (individual and family memberships), and different dues may be assessed for the different types. Until now, the bylaws required that dues should be equal for all members of a given class. The change was necessary before we could adopt any of several membership proposals which have been made recently. (2) New types of membership, and dues changes, may be adopted only if the subject is published in the meeting notice. (3) We will keep a record of the available membership classes and types.

January through June 2008 Amendments

June update: At our regular monthly meeting on 11 June, we amended Article V Section 1 to allow up to two club meetings per year to be held in Marin or SF counties subject to certain restrictions (until now, all meetings were required to be in Alameda or Contra Costa counties); Article V Section 3 to require only 10 meetings per year instead of 12, in order reflect that we have a party not a meeting in December and that other things may go wrong; Article V Section 4(b) to notice the possible removal of principal officers the same as for directors; and Article VII Section 4 to use the term 'Additional Directors'.

May update: At our regular monthly meeting on 14 May, we amended Article VI Section 3d to change the name of the office from "Director-at-Large" to "Additional Director"; Article VII Section 6 to say that regular meetings of the Board coincide with regular meetings of the membership; and Article IX Section 4 to say that directors may be removed according to the same procedure as principal officers.

April update: At our regular monthly meeting on 9 April, we made three amendments which are 'housekeeping' changes to these sections: Article V Section 2, Article V Section 4b(i), and Article VI Section 3d.

March update: At our regular monthly meeting on 12 March, we amended Article VII Section 2 to increase the number of directors from five to seven and Article VII Section 9 to revise what constitutes a quorum for directors.

February update: At our regular monthly meeting on 13 February, we adopted the new Article VII Section 5 which establishes responsibilities for Directors.

January update: At our regular monthly meeting on 9 January, we adopted the new Article VII Section 4 which establishes qualifications for Directors.

November 2005 Amendments

At its regular business meeting on 16 November 2005, the club adopted amendments to the bylaws which, effective in 2006, change annual elections from November to July and which change the elected officer's term of office to run from August 1 through July 31. The reason was to allow each year's officers to take office long in advance of Century preparations in the spring.

1980 Version and 2001 Amendments

The original GPC Bylaws were adopted in April 1980. They were somewhat neglected during the 1990's. They existed only on paper until September 2001, when Emily Kenyon had them optically scanned into machine readable format. At that time, we found that the club's actual practices were quite out-of-sync with its bylaws.

At its regular business meeting on 17 October 2001, the club adopted several amendments and revisions to the 1980 bylaws.

Version history (in pdf format)