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Pre-registration for this event is optional, but strongly encouraged.

Thu Apr 4, 2024 3/TM/42
Tour of Paso, Medium Version
Leader: Brian Aldrich     (510) 693-0603
Leader: Janet Noble     (510) 205-9004
Meet at 9:00 am for a 9:15 am start
GPC Route: Tour de Paso
Start Location: Adelaide Inn, Paso Robles

I have reworked this route to be a 42 miler and start with the delightfull rolling flats east of town, get well warmed up, skip the busy highway that we used in the past, then finish on silky smooth Willow creek, Vineyard, then a climb up and over Adelaida Road. This is a great tour of most all of the local roads which offer a lot of rolling hills, farms, and great scenery. Lunch could be had back in Paso around the Town Square, although on this route that would be a detour. I'd recommend Pappy McGregor's.

A cheerful adventurous attitude is encouraged. Strong navigation skills or riding with a buddy who knows the route can be very helpful. Please sign in online if you would like the leader to keep some track of you; there may not be a paper sign in sheet at the ride start. Two full water bottles and some nutrition makes good sense. The standards listed in the Rider Guidelines on our website always apply.


Due to high probability of rain by 11 AM, I will run a "Peachy Canyon the easy way" leaving promptly at 9 AM. It will be cold and it probably will rain by the end of the ride. Be at Happy Hour for any updates.

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