Grizzly Peak Cyclists


Membership dues in Grizzly Peak Cyclists are $15 a year for an individual, $18 for a family. Multi-year memberships are also available for your convenience, but there is no discount. Family membership is for any group of people who live in the same household and are willing to share a single subscription to the paper newsletter. You can join or renew online or by mail.


You can join or renew your membership online using Paypal or a credit card.

  • Sign up for a new membership
  • Renew or update a membership or re-activate an old membership. You'll need your member number (or see the next paragraph), which you can find on your Membership Card (sent to you as a PDF when you joined or last renewed or get it here), in the "GPC Wheel Truth" email you are sent monthly by the webmaster (request a resend), or on the mailing label of your paper Wheel Truth, if you get one. By "update", we mean that you can update your address, phone, even your T-shirt size, whether or not you are actually renewing.

If you want to reactivate an old membership but can't find your member number, or if it was so long ago that you never received one, just sign up for a new membership and we'll match up your old/new records.

By Mail

Open the membership form (in PDF). You can fill it out and then print and mail it to the address at the top of the form. The same form is on the back page of every copy of the Wheel Truth, so you can use that if you prefer.

Renew With Ride Leader Credits

To renew a membership, you may redeem ride leader credits in lieu of paying dues. Annual individual membership renewal is available for 2 RLCs. Annual family membership renewal is available for 3 RLCs and family members may aggregate RLCs for the purpose of renewing (only). As of this writing, the RLC option does not yet appear in all the various renewal forms, so contact the membership chair (see below) if you want to renew with RLCs and you don't see the option listed on the form you're using. This option is for renewals only, not for new memberships.

Note that members who volunteer at the Grizzly Peak Century automatically receive one ride leader credit. Thus, if you volunteer there, you can renew for free by leading (or co-leading) just one ride per year. See the Ride Leader Credits page for detailed info on earning ride leader credits.

Get More Help

Contact our Membership Chair at Membership at grizz dot org if you:

  • have further questions about membership
  • would like a complimentary current copy of the Wheel Truth newsletter
  • have feedback about the online signup or renewal process

Thanks for joining and supporting GPC!