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  1. Welcome. Introduce ride leaders. Has everyone signed in?
  2. Briefly explain ride, route, cue sheet. Explain roles of ride leaders. What to do if you get lost or separated, decide to leave the ride.
  3. Read safety and etiquette guidelines (see below).
  4. Discuss observance of traffic laws.
  5. All riders introduce themselves. Those new to GPC identify themselves. Remind current members to meet and greet newcomers during the ride.

Group Riding Etiquette and Safety

(To read aloud at each Novice Ride pre-ride meeting. The list could also be printed on cue sheets.)

  1. Ride predictably. Try to avoid sudden movements. Your movements on the bike will affect those riding behind you. Glance behind you before passing or moving sideways.
  2. Pass on the left, not on the right. Call out “On your left” when passing.* Otherwise, keep to the right to let faster riders pass you.
  3. Use voice and/or hand signals for slowing, stopping, and turning.
  4. Point to and/or call out hazards and obstacles.
  5. When you hear the call “Car back!” ride single file immediately, and move to the right if is safe to do so. However, do not ride in the door zone beside parked cars. If you hear the command “Car back!” behind you, pass the message forward.
  6. Spacing. Keep a safe distance from the bike in front of you. Do not let your front wheel overlap the rear wheel ahead of you. Stay behind or well to the side.

* Applies to Novice and similar rides. More advanced rides may have different conventions for passing.

Compiled by Ann Lehr, Nov 2014.