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  • Type at least three characters of the description or the county.
  • Select the Location from the dropdown list of matches.

This section of our website allows you to find a location and copy a URL for it.

We maintain a list of common geographic locations used by the club. Most of these are meeting places for ride starts. We use the locations in our ride listings. If the location does not exist in our database you can request that we add it using the button above (member login required).

When using our Ride Listing Tool there is no need to find the location here. You can just search for it within the tool. However, there may be times when you want to link to a location for other purposes, such as on the GPC-talk discussion forum or in your own email messages.

Calling our server with a location URL will redirect to an outside mapping service as follows:

  • If called from a desktop browser, redirect to the web version of Google Maps.
  • If called from an Android device, redirect to the Google Maps App on the device.
  • If called from an iOS device, offer a choice of Apple Maps app or Google Maps app. Selecting the Google Maps app will fail if the Google Maps app is not installed.