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routeID: 261

Route Title CCB Mixed Terrain Short
Start Location Canyon Club Brewery, Contra Costa County
Mileage 17
Terrain Rating 5
Description Canyon road from CCB to Pinehurst, left up South Pinehurst to East Ridge gate into Redwood Regional. This is where the main dirt portion starts. Ascend East Ridge all the way to Skyline gate. Return to pavement and roll along Skyline to Sibley gate where you encounter gravel and an epic vista called View on Strava. Continue toward the trail head that leads you down into Wilder. This short segment has some off camber turns and large ruts from rain so please exercise caution. Return via Wilder->Lost Valley->Moraga Way back to CCB. Route typically takes 1:20-1:30 minutes. Sunsets in Sibley are fantastic!
Submitted by Mike Wood
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