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routeID: 113

Route Title Tour de Napa, Part Quatre
Start Location Pope Valley, Napa County
Mileage 90
Terrain Rating 4
Description Pope Valley (almost) to Clear Lake (LONG OPTION) or Pope Valley to Loch Lomond (SHORT OPTION) - From Pope Valley, we'll take Butts Canyon to Middletown, then head up scenic Big Canyon and climb to Loch Lomond (be prepared for 1.5 mi. of 10% grade). A shorter option is available here back to Middletown. Those continuing on will ride Hwy. 175 almost to Clear Lake, and climb Cobb Mountain on Bottle Rock Road to Cobb and then to Middletown, returning to Pope Valley on Butts Canyon. Take two large water bottles. There are places to buy food along the way, but overall the area is remote. Expect about 5500' of climbing. Start in downtown Pope Valley. 5300' Elevation Gain. Short option Mileage=70
Submitted by Mike DeMicco
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