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routeID: 107

Route Title Half Moon Bay - Gazos Creek - Tunitas Creek Variations
Start Location Half Moon Bay - Fire Station, San Mateo County
Mileage 66
Terrain Rating 4
Description Start off with the traditional and wonderfully scenic 20-mile roll down Hwy 1 for coastal views and a short visit to Pigeon Point Lighthouse, then a short sprint further south to Gazos Creek Road. Wax poetic on the gentle, lesser traveled spur up to South Fork Gazos Creek Road before rejoining Gazos Creek/Cloverdale Road to Pescadero to share a picnic lunch in the back yard of Norm's Market ("world famous" artichoke bread, sandwiches, pastries, coffees). Bucolic vistas meet nicely patched pavement along the pleasant but arduous climb up the old Stage Road with a (rolling) regroup in San Gregorio, continuing on Stage Road northward to Hwy 1. A quick and breezy descent along the highway to Tunitas Creek Road, regroup/refreshments at the Bike Hut and then up the flats and early climbs on Tunitas Creek Road until Lobitos Creek Road before cutting back toward the coast, sticking to back roads (Verde, Purisma Creek, and a final short, celebratory, leg-burning ascent up Higgins Canyon Road) with just enough rolling and flat miles on the home stretch back to Half Moon Bay to work out the lactic acid.
Submitted by Kurt Doelling and Sherie Reineman
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