Grizzly Peak Cyclists

Come Ride With Us

Welcome! Grizzly Peak Cyclists is a bicycle club of about 600 members based in Berkeley, California.

We have club rides every weekend throughout the year, and many weekdays too. Roughly half our rides are in the East Bay; the rest are all over the San Francisco Bay Area, and beyond. Our ride calendar is posted every month on this website and in our newsletter. Our members' riding interests run the gamut. We have novices, intermediates, advanceds, and everything in between. Our rides are correspondingly diverse.

Anyone is welcome on our rides. Each ride is rated to indicate the expected terrain, pace, and distance, so you can choose a ride suited to your abilities. Be sure to review our rider guidelines before your first ride to avoid any surprises. Advance signup is not necessary, but feel free to contact a ride's leader in advance with any questions.

Grizzly Peak Century

Every year since 1975 we have hosted the Grizzly Peak Century. The event is known for its challenging but beautiful terrain and gourmet home-made food. For more information, see our century website. We hope to see you there on the first Sunday in May.


Every year, we make significant donations out of the proceeds raised from our Grizzly Peak Century to organizations and causes that promote or help bicycling in some way — be it advocacy, safety, education, awareness, or the bicycling environment. See our donations page for details.

Strava Club

GPC members are invited to join our Strava club. For more information see our member benefits page.


Century Wrap-Up Meeting, Thu Jun 20

Our 2019 Century Wrap-Up Meeting will take place Thursday Jun 20, 6:30pm, at the home of Janet Noble and Brian Aldrich in Oakland. Century coordinators in particular are encouraged to attend. Contact Brian,, for more info, the address, and to RSVP (required). For general info, see our Century Planning Policy.

Bruce Berg donation fund closes June 30

At the request of his family, Grizzly Peak Cyclists is accepting donations in memory of our longtime member, past president, and friend, Bruce Berg. Donations will be distributed to several local nonprofit groups working to promote youth bicycling and advocate for safer cycling and pedestrian access in our community. Please make your donation by June 30, when we will close the account and distribute the funds.

Hazard Reporting

You can report potholes and other bicycle hazards on the Bike East Bay hazard reporting page. The excellent volunteers at Bike East Bay will send it on to the correct public works department and will follow up if necessary. General info about the Bike East Bay hazard reporting program is here.

Let our motto be your guide
Ride to Eat and Eat to Ride!