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I have ridden a bicycle most of my life and I am no longer a young man.

Over the years, where I ride, the way I ride and how much I ride have changed.

The reasons for why I ride, however, remain fairly consistent. Whether it is a technical road descent or being on my mountain bike, I get the same ear-to-ear grin as I did when I was ten years old bombing through the woods on my clunky Schwinn.

I continue to enjoy the ability to experience new scenery and places at my own pace and independently. I am very fortunate to have ridden in many parts of the US, Europe, Israel and South America. I just love the feeling of exploration and the wonderment from stunning natural settings. Observing how people live piques my curiosity and interests.

A relatively new reason as to why I ride is a greater appreciation for the connection to people. Through cycling, I have made new acquaintances, new friends and reinforced friendships that may have otherwise faded. A broader circle of fellow riders is a virtuous cycle (so to speak). I find it is the stories, not the glory that we remember from epic rides. That realization has clued me into listening to other cyclists’ experiences and learning from their rides and their lives.

I also have benefited from the kindness of strangers who have paid one forward when I’ve been in a jam. That provides evidence the world can be good. In these times, that’s especially reassuring.

—Michael Koved