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Mark Sapiro

The GPC website is always there but its presence doesn’t happen automagically. Mark Sapiro keeps the lights on and makes the site better on a regular basis. Thank Mark every time you go to the website to look up a ride, event or member benefit.

John Swanda

The club’s Wheel Truth newsletter keeps members informed about events and includes interesting and useful articles.The WT doesn’t publish itself. John breathes life into the newsletter every month. I particularly appreciate the addition of member photos in the February edition. Seeing those smiling reminds me of why I volunteer.

Alan Forkosh

Another member who keeps the club going is Alan Forkosh. Alan's formal responsibilities include: Discussion Forum Manager, Bicycle Advocacy Liaison and L.A.B. Representative, and Insurance Coordinator. Particularly as I am learning my way through the club's operations, Alan's counsel and advice have been timely and helpful. I appreciate his generosity of spirit and deed.