2022 Grizzly Peak Century

Rider check-in

Rider check-in is 6:30 am to 8:30 am at Campolindo (7:30 am to 10:00 am if you use the alternative car-free start). We urge slower riders to get an early morning start.

Post-ride Meal

Hot food is available at the finish (Campolindo) from 11:00 am until 6:00 pm.

Overall Closing Time

Overall closing time is 6:00 pm. We won't try to haul you off the course at 6:00 pm (these are public roads, you can ride all night if you want!) but at 6:00 pm our volunteers will be packing up to go home.

Rest Stop Opening and Closing Times

Rest StopOpening TimeClosing Time
Island Picnic Area7:30 am10:30 am
Crockett8:45 am1:00 pm
Briones9:45 am2:30 pm
Proctor School12:30 pm5:00 pm

SAG support on each course segment ends correspondingly.

50 Milers, Don't Start Too Early

For our 50 mile route, please do not leave too early. If you start before 7:00 am, or hammer around the route, you might arrive at our Briones rest stop before it opens at 9:45 am, and possibly at lunch before it opens at 11:00 am. This route is truly very scenic and should be enjoyed! Slow down, be safe, and enjoy the ride!

100 Milers, Start Early

Start early if you want to complete the entire 100 mile route . . . especially if you want food at the end! Briones and Proctor stay open late to support people who ride only the North Loop or ride home directly from Proctor. Their closing times are too late for people attempting the full century route.

Suggested Timetable for 100 mi Route

It is a challenge! Slower riders need to start early and keep moving. Here is a suggested timetable if you want to finish the full century route before the 6:00 pm food cutoff. A rider who starts early and averages 11 mph rolling speed between rest stops (which is midpoint of GPC's T pace) and spends 15 minutes at check-in and each rest stop should finish around 5:00 pm.

Location milepoint Arrive Depart
Check-in 0 06:30 06:45
Island 20 08:34 08:49
Crockett 42 10:49 11:04
Briones 62 12:53 13:08
Proctor 86 15:18 15:33
Finish 101 16:54
Assumes 11 mph speed and 15 min rest stops.