This writeup describes a trip along the Pacific Crest Bicycle Trail (PCBT) from Hamburg, CA to Tahoe City, CA. We followed the route given in The Pacific Crest Bicycle Trail by Bil Paul, one of the riders. The total trip distance was about 407 miles. We rode from July 23 through July 30, 1995.

The writeup got a bit bigger (32K) than I expected (guess I had lots of fun), so I've separated the narrative from this "road map". There are also 2 pictures, totally a bit over 54K. If you've got a slow link, you might want to disable automatic loading of images in your browser.


Table Of Contents

  1. Map
  2. Overview
  3. D-Day minus 1: Getting to the starting point.
  4. Day 1: Hamburg to Etna
  5. Day 2: Etna to Mt. Shasta
  6. Day 3: Mt. Shasta to Burney Falls
  7. Day 4: Burney Falls to Lake Manzanita (Lassen Volcanic National Park)
  8. Day 5: Manzanita Lake to Lake Almanor
  9. Day 6: Lake Almanor to Cromberg
  10. Day 7: Cromberg to south of Sierraville
  11. Day 8: Sierraville to Tahoe City
  12. Conclusion
  13. Techie Details

Hal Wine

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