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Last updated 2018-07-16


In September, GPC will place a bike clothing order from our usual vendor, Voler. This is your ONLY chance to order items that we don't normally stock, such as full-zip jerseys, race-cut jerseys, sleeveless jerseys, bottoms of any sort, special sizes such as XS or XXL, or special fabrics.

Even if all you want is a stock item, we ask you to place an order so that we don't have to guess quite so much about which sizes to stock. Also, you will likely get a better price if you order now rather than buying later from stock.

Your order is due to GPC by Friday September 21. You can order on-line by following the instructions below, on this web page. Or you can order by printing the paper order form (also printed in the August Wheel Truth) and mailing it in. The combined club order will be shipped by our vendor in late-September and individual items are expected be available for pickup by members on (approximately) the week of November 19.

See our main clothing page for info on what we have in stock and other general info about GPC bike clothing.

By the way, Voler is pronounced “voe-LAY”, as in French.

Info Updates

Information updates, if any, will be posted here. (None as of yet.)

On-Line Ordering

We prefer that you use on-line ordering if possible, because it is easier for us as well as for you. However, you cannot use it for RLC orders.

Go to the Voler Online Ordering System ("VOOS") GPC page, but first read these notes:

  1. For on-line ordering, you will pay Voler using your credit card. If you are using RLC, you must use a paper order form or email Clothing at grizz dot org. (These are changes from previous years.)
  2. You'll need to create an “account” on VOOS. It's easy. You need tell them only your name and email — no private info. If you already have a VOOS account from a previous order, you can use the same account. If you forgot your password, enter your email and then click the “Recover Password” button.
  3. Prices shown on the paper form include tax and shipping. Prices shown on VOOS are supposed agree to with those on the paper form, although they may not fully agree until certain charges are added at “checkout”.
  4. If necessary, you can return to VOOS and place an additional order any time up to September 23. We are freezing the GPC info in VOOS as of that date.
  5. VOOS has some advantages over paper: (a) You'll save your GPC volunteers some work; (b) No chance of human transcription errors on your order; (c) It allows you to choose some additional specialty options not shown on the paper order form, such as special fabrics. If you see it on the VOOS GPC site, you can order it that way; or if you are ordering with RLC (i.e. paper), email Clothing at grizz dot org.
  6. Like most on-line ordering systems, you'll place items in a "shopping bag" and then you'll "checkout" to confirm you want them. Please remember to "checkout", or your order won't go through. There are several steps to this:
    1. Add to cart.
    2. View your bag.
    3. Under "Shopping Bag", click on "Proceed to Checkout";
    4. Under "Checkout Step 1 of 2, click on "Proceed to Shipping and Payment Options";
    5. Under "Checkout Step 2 of 2", click on to shipping & Payment options.
    6. Under "Payment Details", select your credit card and enter your details. Then click "Submit Order".
    After you "submit order", VOOS will send an email confirming your order.
  7. If you have any problems with VOOS, tell us at Clothing at grizz dot org.

Paper Ordering

You can get the paper order form here or find it in the August 2018 Wheel Truth. Instructions are on the form. Even if ordering online, this form is a convenient reference for prices, etc.

Details, Details, Details!

Of the items ordered in September, the only items which GPC plans to stock in inventory for later purchase are club-cut jerseys, wind vests, wind jackets, and armwarmers. Everything else is a custom order. You must select your size and style in advance from the choices listed on the order form. This section explains all those choices.

PRICING, RIDE LEADER CREDITS. Prices shown on the order form include sales tax and shipping from Voler to GPC. You need to pay in advance. After GPC receives the items, you need to pick yours up.

You can use ride leader credits (RLC) for your items, one set of 8 credits per item. If you plan to lead rides in the coming year, you may order one item using "RLC Layaway"; that is, an incomplete set of credits. You will receive your item after you complete the set of 8, and you have until the end of September 2019 to do that. If you have not done so by then, you're expected to pay for the item instead. You may have only one outstanding RLC Layaway item, so if you currently have one from a previous order, you need to complete that set of 8 before you order any more on RLC Layaway. For questions about this or any aspect of using RLC for clothing, contact Melarie Johnson at Clothing at grizz dot org.

SIZES. If you want to order GPC Voler clothing but need to find out your size, Voler's sizing info is on the web. However, please be aware that (a) Voler's sizes may be quite different from what you're used to — especially if you are new to quality road bike clothing, which is intended to fit snugly; and (b) the comment on Voler's web page about free sizing exchanges does not apply: Custom-order items cannot be exchanged or returned.

JERSEY CUTS. There are two different cuts of jersey: club-fit and race-fit. The sizing kit includes samples of both, in all sizes. Race-fit is more snug, particularly around the belly and waist. For men's, race cut is about 2" shorter in the rear than the club cut (as measured, for men's size M longsleeve). Thus, men's race-fit size L is about as long as men's club-fit size M, but the former has a narrower belly and waist. For women's, the two cuts are about the same length (at least, they were in previous model years; the current information suggests differently); but club cut has no elastic at the waist as well as fitting differently.

JERSEY FABRICS. The longsleeve jersey is available in two different fabrics. “Genesis” is the same fabric as the Voler shortsleeve jerseys — good for mild weather. “Geotherm” is thicker and probably better if you seek an outer layer for cooler weather. The longsleeve jersey is the same price for either fabric.

JERSEY ZIPPERS. All jerseys now come with a full length zipper.

ARMCOOLERS. Voler offers SolSkin UV arm protectors, generally known as “armcoolers,” with our custom GPC design. They are similar to armwarmers — but whereas the armwarmers use Artico fabric intended for cold weather, the armcoolers use Quantum DSX fabric is intended for use in sunny warm weather. It is lightweight, UV protective (rated SPF 50+), and highly wicking for evaporative cooling. It is possible that, due to the different fabric, the the fit (or stretch) may seem a little different than the armwarmers. The price is the the same as for armwarmers, and in the on-line ordering system, they show up as a separate fabric choice under regular armwarmers.

WIND SHELL VESTS AND JACKETS. These are full-zipper nylon shells.

THERMAL VESTS AND JACKETS. These are a very warm fabric, far thicker and more windproof than either the jerseys, wind vests, or wind jackets.

WOMEN'S OUTERWEAR. Voler now offers women's cut wind vests, thermal vests, wind jackets, and thermal jackets. The old cut for these, which they previously labeled as unisex, is still available with no changes except that they now label it as men's.

CHAMOIS PADS. Several different chamois pads are available for the bike shorts and knickers. All are high-quality multi-layer (“three-dimensional”) sculpted pads. All are available in men's and women's versions.

  • Elan (black) — It replaces the previous Trilogy pad in their lineup and is roughly equivalent to it in size, shape and foam density.
  • Orion (green) — $4 upcharge. It was introduced in the 2016 model year and it replaces the previous Chrono pad, to which it is roughly similar.
  • Comp HP (red-orange) — $6 upcharge. It was introduced in the 2014 model year. It is not shown on the paper form, but is available via on-line ordering. For the men's, it is about the same size as the Elan, except for the “wings” at the top of the legs, which are wider than on the Elan. For the women's, the Comp HP is noticeably larger (bulkier) than the Elan. The Comp HP's foam seems to be a little bit denser still than the Elan's.

The manufacturer's info on their different pads is on their website. Go here and scroll down until you reach the pad information.

HIGH-COMPRESSION SHORTS FABRIC. Voler offers an optional "elite" fabric for bike shorts, called "Milano". It's a $15 upcharge and is intended for racing. It is high-compression, has surface texturing, and Voler says it is more opaque (less see-through) than their older "elite" fabrics. It is not shown on the paper order form. Mark A says: “Note! This is truly a high-compression fabric — so much so that the fit feels very different from the regular fabric. I found it so tight and unyielding as to be quite unpleasant. It will compress you in ways that you might not expect. If you are considering it, you should try it first for both feel and fit.” Mark N says: “I have had good experience with it and I will order more. It really isn't that tight. And if you have stick-legs like me, these may be the only shorts you will ever find that can reliably hold up your knee warmers.” Go here for Voler's information about the fabric.

YUKON KNICKERS FABRIC. Voler offers an optional thermal fabric for knickers, called "Yukon". It is warm and fleecy, and the sizing kit includes a sample of it. It's a $15 upcharge and it too is not shown on the paper order form.

QUESTIONS? CORRECTIONS? If you have questions not answered here, contact Melarie or Mark at Clothing at grizz dot org. There are many details above; we tried to get them all correct. However, if you discover any errors, please inform us. We will post any corrections or updates on the Info Updates section of this page, above.

— Mark Abrahams