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Ride Listing Tool


The GPC ride schedule follows a monthly pattern in order to accommodate publication of the monthly Wheel Truth newsletter. To be published in the Wheel Truth, rides must be submitted early enough to be approved by the Ride Coordinator, sent to the WT editor, assembled into the newsletter, printed, and mailed. The process is designed so that members who received the WT by postal mail will have it before the first of the month, so they will be able to participate in the rides.

Wheel Truth Deadlines

The deadlines for submitting rides using the online Ride Listing Tool for inclusion in the Wheel Truth are as follows (for submitting by email the deadlines are one day earlier):

  • 9:00 pm on the 22nd of the month, usually.
  • 9:00 pm on the 20th of the month, in February.
  • Earlier sometimes if needed by the Ride Coordinator or WT editor.

It is always a good idea to submit your rides early to allow time for the Ride Coordinator to communicate with you if there is a problem with your submittal.

When can I create a new ride?

You can submit a new ride anytime, but if you do not meet the WT deadline described above your ride will not be published in the Wheel Truth. As a result, your ride will probably draw fewer participants. Leaders are encouraged to meet the WT deadlines whenever possible for maximum outreach to other members.

When can I edit a ride?

This is a surprisingly complicated question. We explain it below for those interested in the details. Follow the steps in order until one applies.

  1. If the member is not the creator of the ride or listed as an editor of the ride, then do not allow editing.
  2. Otherwise, if the ride has not yet been approved as complete, then allow editing (includes placeholder rides).
  3. Otherwise, if the current date is prior to the WT deadline for the ride date, then allow editing. Example: for an April ride, allow editing until 9:00 pm on March 22.
  4. Otherwise, the WT deadline has passed. If the ride was published in the WT, do not allow editing. Status Updates are allowed.
  5. Otherwise, if the current time is less than 36 hours prior to the ride meeting time, do not allow editing. This prevents members from editing or deleting rides for weather updates. For that, they should use Status Updates.
  6. Otherwise, this is an unpublished ride more than 36 hours in the future. Allow editing.