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The 100 mile (actually about 101 mile) course has roughly 8,200 feet of climbing. The first 73 miles are identical to the metric century. From the start at Campolindo High School it climbs the east side of the Oakland-Berkeley hills via Pinehurst Road, then follows the ridge up and over Grizzly Peak and into Tilden Park to the rest stop at Island Picnic Area. It then drops down alongside San Pablo Reservoir and heads north to the edge of the Bay and the Carquinez Strait to the rest stop at Crockett. From there it climbs McEwen Road for a run down into Franklin Canyon and Alhambra Valley, then over Pig Farm Hill and through the hills around Briones Reservoir to the rest stop at Briones Regional Park. Then it's back to Moraga, South Pinehurst, and scenic Redwood Road through Chabot Park to the final rest stop at Proctor School. Then turn around and return to the start for the post-ride meal.

Alternative Car-Free Start

If you use our optional car-free start at Island Picnic Area, you have a couple of options. Which is best depends on where you started and how you intend to ride home. If you live near Island, then we recommend you follow the standard 100 mile course from Briones Rest Stop to Proctor Rest Stop and on to Campolindo for the barbeque. Enjoy your meal, then ride back to Island via the same course everyone else used in the morning. The turns are on your cue sheet. If you live near the South end of the course, then you may prefer to follow the 75 mile route to Campolindo and eat your meal first. Afterward, you can continue to the south and leave the course wherever it suits you to get home. Remember, the car-free start is intended for local riders who are familiar with the area and the common cycling roads.

Tricky Bits

At mile 4.2 all riders turn right onto Pinehurst Road. The yellow markings on the road will say AM with an arrow to the right. Do not be confused by the marks that say PM, which point to the left. Those are for when you return to this point in the afternoon.

At mile 31.2 turn left onto Alhambra Valley Road. The 50 mile route goes right here, so be careful not to follow them.

At mile 34.9 continue straight onto Tennent Ave. This has changed since prior years.

At mile 35.7 weave your way onto Railroad Ave and then the Bay Trail bike/ped bridge. The next 2.5 miles are on a multi-use trail. Ride slowly and be courteous to other trail users (pedestrians, dogs, strollers, etc).

At mile 41.7 in Crockett turn left onto 2nd Ave. This has changed since prior years. The rest stop is now in Crockett.

At mile 45.1 turn sharply right onto the very steep McEwen Road. Gear down before the turn!

At mile 61.6 turn left into Briones Park to go to the rest stop. It is on a fast descent, so easy to miss.

At mile 73.0 turn right onto St. Andrews Drive. At this point, the 50 and 75 mile riders will continue straight, so there will be additional road markings for that route. Be carefull not to follow riders who are not on your route.

At mile 75.2 turn left onto South Pinehurst Road. The yellow markings on the road will say PM with an arrow to the left. You may remember you turned right here in the morning.


Below is a tentative map. You will receive a final map at registration. Note that you can click on View Full Version to see more details or Send to Device to export files suitable for your GPS device.

Cue Sheet

We have a tentative cue sheet available now. You will receive a final cue sheet at registration.