Grizzly Peak Century
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The 2015 Grizzly Peak Century took place Sunday, May 3, 2015. Here is detailed information about it. If you have questions not answered on these pages, send them to .

Registration information is on the separate registration page, here.

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Start Location and Parking
Alternative Car-Free Start (brief)
Times and Time Limits
Clothing Drop
Food Safety
What to Bring
Century-Prep Series
T-Shirts and Other Goodies (brief)
GPC Century History

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Changes in Recent Years
Alternative Car-Free Start (details)
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T-Shirts and Other Goodies (with images)
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Vegetarian and Vegan Food
Google Earth Tour
Pre-Century Bike Checks
Going Green


Deadlines and fees for 2015 are described in the registration information. A Release of Liability must be signed.

If you are under 18 a parent or guardian must sign the release for minors, and must also sign the Minor's Medical Release, which is returned with the application and will be given back to you at registration and must be carried with you on the ride.

Start Location and Parking

The start location is Campolindo High School, 300 Moraga Rd, Moraga. From Highway 24 eastbound take the Central Lafayette/Oak Hill exit and go right on Oak Hill, left on Mt Diablo and right on Moraga Rd. From Highway 24 westbound take the Central Lafayette exit and go right on Deer Hill, right on First, right on Mt Diablo and left on Moraga Rd. Each of the above turns is at the first opportunity.

Go South on Moraga Rd for about 2.3 miles. Turn Right on Campolindo Dr where attendants will direct you to the available parking. Google has a map to the start.

Please CARPOOL if at all possible. Parking spaces in the high school's parking lot are limited.

Alternative Car-Free Start

For your convenience we have a car-free check-in station at the Island rest stop in Tilden Park. If you wish, you may bike there from home. It is only for pre-registered riders who bike there and have pre-registered for a Tilden Park start. Check-in at Island/Tilden opens at 7:30 a.m. and the rest stop will also open at that time. Island rest stop has no parking for riders' cars. All available parking spaces there are reserved for century workers' vehicles.


There are three routes to choose from, all of them very hilly: 76 miles; 102 miles; and 110 miles.

The 76 mile route (5750 ft. climb) consists of the North (or morning) Loop. It climbs the east side of the Oakland-Berkeley hills via Pinehurst Road, then follows the ridge up and over Grizzly Peak and into Tilden Park. It then drops down alongside San Pablo Reservoir and heads north to the edge of the Bay and the Carquinez Strait. From there it climbs McEwen Road for a run down into Franklin Canyon and Alhambra Valley, then over Pig Farm Hill and through the hills around Briones Regional Park and Reservoir. Finally, new for 2012, relatively easy riding on Moraga Way and Moraga Rd. takes you back to the start for lunch at mile 76.

The 110 mile route was revised in 2011. It has roughly 8550 ft. of climbing. It consists of most of the North Loop followed by a new rest stop at Wayside Picnic Area in Redwood Park. (If you feel tired or are running late at this point, consider doing the 102 mile option described below). After that you loop around Redwood and Anthony Chabot Regional Parks via Skyline Blvd and Lake Chabot Road to the Proctor School rest stop, returning via Redwood Road. Please note that unlike prior years, the route does not return to Campolindo High School until the finish.

The 102 mile route was revised in 2011. It has roughly 8000 ft. of climbing. It is the same as the 110 mile route until the new rest stop at Wayside Picnic Area in Redwood Park. Then it goes directly to the Proctor School rest stop through Anthony Chabot Regional Park, turns around, and follows the same route back. The 102 mile route is not mentioned on the registration form. Please note that unlike prior years, the route does not return to Campolindo High School until the finish.

Here are PDFs of the map and the cue sheet which describe all three routes.

We also have a Google Earth tour of the route.

Times and Time Limits

Rider check-in is 6:30 to 8:30am at Campolindo (7:30 to 10:00am if you use the alternative car-free start). We urge slower riders to get an early morning start.

All full-century riders who leave the Wayside rest stop in Redwood Park after 3:30pm must turn left and do the South Out-and-Back (102 mile route), not the full South Loop (110 mile route).

Food service at the finish (Campolindo): Hot food is available 11am until 6pm.

Overall closing time is 6:00pm. We won't try to haul you off the course at 6pm (these are public roads, you can ride all night if you want!) but at 6pm our volunteers will be packing up to go home.

Rest stop closing times:  Island, 10:30am. Port Costa, 1:00pm. Briones, 2:30pm. Wayside, 3:30pm. Proctor School, 5:30pm. SAG support on each course segment ends correspondingly.

Start early if you want to complete the entire 102 or 110 mile route . . . especially if you want food at the end! Briones and Proctor stay open late to support people who ride only the North Loop or ride home directly from Proctor. Their closing times are too late for people attempting either of the full century routes.

Slower riders attempting a full century. It is a challenge! You need to start early and keep moving. Here are suggested timetables if you want to finish the full 110 mile route before the 6:00pm food cutoff. A rider who starts early and averages 11mph rolling speed between rest stops (which is midpoint of GPC's T pace) can afford just 15 minutes at check-in and rest stops, and no other stops, as shown in the table. That's not much! A rider who averages 12mph rolling speed will finish with a greater comfort margin. A better choice, if you're running slow, is the 102 mile route. It is still a full century!

milepoint 11mph rider 12mph rider
Check-in 0.0 06:30-06:45 06:30-06:45
Island 19.8 08:33-08:48 08:24-08:39
Port Costa 44.7 11:01-11:16 10:41-10:56
Briones 61.9 12:49-13:04 12:22-12:37
Wayside 78.1 14:33-14:48 13:58-14:13
102 mile route
Proctor 86.8 15:35-15:50 14:56-15:11
Finish 102.2 17:14 16:28
110 mile route
Proctor 94.4 16:17-16:32 15:34-15:49
Finish 109.8 17:57 17:07

The table is not fully realistic. It optimistically assumes the same rolling speed for the afternoon loop, but in fact it is hillier plus you will be tired by then.


Our famous Grizzly Peak Century lunch is hearty, homemade, and hot — gourmet cycling food with plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. The five rest stops along the way provide fruit, handcrafted cookies, homemade breads, and more prosaic carbs.

Drinks, etc. We provide Gu Brew, water, and some sodas. We do not provide sports gels or bars, nor any other sports drinks other than what may be provided by our sponsors. If you need these, bring your own.

Route maps and cue sheets are provided. The routes are clearly marked where permitted.

Basic mechanic service is available at most rest stops. Mechanics can make emergency fixes, but don't expect them to replace a derailer or overhaul your headset.

SAG vehicles patrol the route. They will help you if they can, and they will transport you forward on the course if need be. SAG drivers carry spare cables, tubes, and tires (common sizes only). You'll be asked to pay for any supplies used; carry some cash. Outside of emergencies, the SAG drivers' first duty is to aid riders who are continuing under their own power. Keep this in mind if you accept a ride from them. SAG drivers are not mechanics, nor taxi drivers.

Clothing Drop at Island Rest Stop

New in 2013 - You can drop excess clothing at the first Rest Stop (Island) and we'll move it to Campolindo (lunch). Not from other Rest Stops. You just fill a paper bag, write your name on it, and we'll transfer the bags. We'll do our best, but you use this Clothing Drop at your own risk.

Food Safety

Riders are requested to keep unwashed hands and bike gloves away from the food tables. We ask that you remove your bike gloves and wash/disinfect your hands, or else let the century volunteers serve you your food. We appreciate your cooperation. Thank you.

What to Bring

Riders must wear bicycle helmets at all times when on their bicycles. No helmet — no route sheet, no food, no exceptions.
In superb mechanical condition — as stated at the top.
Bring a spare tube, patch kit, pump, a water bottle (two, if forecast temps are above 70 degrees), money, and identification.
Please be courteous to other road users. Your behavior reflects on our entire bicycling community.

Century-Prep Series

Grizzly Peak Cyclists offer a Century-Preparation Ride Series at no cost, consisting of one ride per weekend for the six weeks prior to the century. The rides start at 25 miles and work up to 55 miles; they are about as hilly as the century itself. Those who complete the series should have no trouble completing at least the North Loop (which exceeds a metric century). For information see the GPC Ride Series Page or e-mail

T-Shirts and Other Goodies


The 2015 Century was photographed by West World Images. Find your picture here.


There will be no massage available at the start/finish this year. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Every year, we make significant donations out of the proceeds raised from the Grizzly Peak Century to organizations and causes which promote or help bicycling in some way — be it advocacy, safety, education, awareness, or the bicycling environment. In 2014, we donated $24,000. See our donations page for specifics.


We thank our 2015 sponsors and supporting organizations! Please see the complete list of sponsors, here.

GPC Century History

For some background on what the Grizzly Peak Century is like, you might want to read about prior centuries. We have information on the 1996, and 1995 Grizzly Peak Centuries.

We also have some Ancient History dating from 1968! And yet more old history from the 70's.

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